Offering online psychotherapy services for teenagers and adults in Texas.

Life is a journey, a complex path of experiences and situations that shape who we are. Throughout this journey, we experience a mix of emotions, moments of doubts and uncertainty or moments of profound clarity. We struggle with our fears and limitations. Yet, within these challenges lie opportunities for transformation and resilience. Each step we take, each decision we make, holds the potential for growth, self discovery and healing. 

During your therapeutic counseling journey, you will be able to increase your self awareness and find your inner strengths to face life’s challenges in a compassionate and calm way. 

Are you ready to start your self discovery journey? 

No matter what part of the journey you’re at, 

I'm here to walk it alongside you. 

Hola! My name is Erika Alanis-Garcia.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and board approved supervisor in Texas

For more than 10 years, I have accompanied people through many of life's difficulties and transitions. I will work with you to decide on the best therapeutic approach that will help you determine and accomplish your goals.